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To the person who wrote this blog post -> http://www.splendorofthechurch.com.ph/2014/10/13/boy-abunda-does-not-know-what-he-says/,

a. I hope you don't wake up one day feeling like everyone is against you.
b. I hope you don't have gay or lesbian or bisexual kids. Fabulous people don't deserve parents who make them feel less fabulous.
c. I hope you don't experience getting stared at or have people raise their eyebrows or roll their eyes on you while you are holding hands with the love of your life.
d. I hope you don't have a secret that's killing you inside.
e. I hope you don't get called a "sin", an "abominaton", "disgusting" almost every single day of your life.  I hope you don't feel something you cannot control.
g. l hope nobody tells you how you cannot love a person because the "bible says so".
h. I hope you never get to feel what's like to love someone so much and have everybody tell you that's it's "just lust".
i. I hope you don't get disrespected too much that you feel a little less human.

I don't want to wish horrible experiences to you just so you can understand what it's like to be a bit different.
I hope one day you realize things all on your own. I hope you wake up one day and make your own decisions by your own thinking- not because of a black book.

(And I hope you realize how much of an asshole you are.)

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