19 Beautiful Things and People (aka Me Being A Big Softy)

9:15:00 PM

Since I just turned 19 years old last July 14, here are 19 random things/people that I really think are beautiful (as of now):

1. Have you ever talked to someone and asked them about something they love? Have you seen how their eyes lit up? It's like you can actually see how passionate about this thing  that they couldn't stop rambling about it. Be it about make-up and clothes or Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings theories or feminism or books or even religion- people who get so excited when they talk about something they are passionate about are so beautiful.

2. Dogs. Damn, they're so beautiful.

3. Laughter. People who laugh at their own jokes. People who laugh at even the silliest things. People who tears up because of so much laughter. (People who laugh at my jokes! Ha)

4. BOOKS. Beat-up books. New books. Paperbacks. Hardbacks. Books that I love. Books that I hate.


"Food doesn't taste better or worse when documented by
Instagram. Laughter is as genuine over Skype as it would be 
sharing a sofa. Pay attention. Take in nature, hold someone’s
hand, read a book. But don’t ever apologize for snapping a
photo of a sunrise after a hike, or blogging about the 
excitement of having a crush, or updating your goodreads 
account. All of these things are good and should be 
celebrated. Smile at strangers on the sidewalk and like your 
friends’ selfies. It’s all good for the human spirit."
                                                                        — @cogitoergoblog 

7. I love how other people compliment each other- especially girls. When I was a kid, I though it was all a "big competition". I thought that everything I do is either for boys or for girls to envy me. (I wasn't very good at it anyway. I wasn't interested in boys and I was too awkward to have "competitions", but I thought about it a lot.) It's nice that girls are now finally realizing that there isn't a competition. We should all be complimenting each other. I find it awesome and beautiful when girls compliment each other in selfies or when they support and help each other. :) 

8. LAVERNE COX (and the whole cast of Orange Is The New Black)

9. LONG WALKS. Sometimes I'd get off the bus minutes away from my destination just so I can walk. Long walks make me feel peaceful- it's when I can usually think about 'things'. 

10. This video.

I couldn't imagine Rose Ellen Dix being more beautiful than she was, and then she posted this video. This video made me laugh, cry and hope. Thank you.

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