""You don't believe in god?! *GASP* How do you know what's wrong and what's right?!"

2:05:00 PM

Oh, right, not having a magical god and a holy book telling me what to do makes me immoral.

"You don't believe in god? How do you know what's wrong and what's right?" 

This is one of the questions a person first asks me when they find out that I'm an atheist. I used to get offended by it (I still do, but it just depends on the approach) but now, I just find it irritating. Is this even a question? I understand that some people are ignorant and just want to learn or curious.. BUT REALLY?

Let me ask you a question:

"If you were an atheist, would you go around murdering people? Would you randomly rape people because you believe that there is no god?" 

I do hope that your answer to that question is "NO". GOD DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MORALS. If you say, "But the bible is the one who taught me what's wrong and what's right.", then I accept that.. but what you have to realize is that, the things bible taught you can also be learned from other things. The things that you learn from religion can also be thought of with non-religious context.

You just got to think. THINK THINK THINK. Do I think killing my enemies is wrong? I do. Why? Because I don't think killing human beings are right. You have to think your way through it. Also, what's "WRONG" and what's "RIGHT" is not what's always wrong and right for other people- People have different views and morals. Not all Christians do only good things, some Christians do bad things- same goes with Atheists- others do bad things, other do good things. A god and a 'holy' book don't have anything to do with it.

"So, as an atheist, where do you get your morals?"

I get it from life experiences. I get it from observing other people. I get it from my parents. I get it from thinking thoroughly.

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